At Ace Bobcat we perform several types of inspections and maintenance.

Maintenance: Our standard maintenance is performed on systems that we are aware of, have documentation for, and know the system function and specifications.  We perform these regularly for our previous clients and the cost is typically between $260 to $300 if tanks are to surface and accessible and includes a summary report of our findings.   This work ensures your system is working properly with filters being cleansed, lines camerad, d box adjusted, et…

Maintenance Assessment:  This is the process for systems that we are not aware of…  Systems where we need to locate tanks, d-boxes, field lines, etc…  A lot more work is required as we often have to dig, locate, map, etc…  We also then need to identify the maintenance needs for this specific system.  How often to perform maintenance,  what exactly needs to happen during maintenance etc…  The report contains more detail and includes a maintenance plan. These assessments are usually around $400-$600.

Real Estate Inspection:  Similar to a maintenance assessment, these inspections are purchased by home buyers to identify the current health of a septic system on a property they are purchasing.  Often there are realtors involved and the results of the report can be used in the house purchase negotiations.  It is very important that these inspections are thorough and accurate.   We provide a very detailed explanation of the system, with photos, and include a maintenance plan with this.  Real Estate Inspections cost in the range of $500=$700.

We have to give a “range” of cost for these three types of maintenance/inspections as there are variables with each site (travel costs, tanks that are buried way too deep and require extra digging, difficult sites).