It is that time of year when everyone makes “resolutions”,  eat better, go to the gym,  start saving, pay off my credit card, maintain your septic system, quit smoking, invest in retirement, read more, finally go on that big vacation, spend more time with family.

Everything on the above list is very common “resolutions”, except maybe one. Septic System maintenance is not normally found on the resolution lists. At Ace Bobcat we can’t understand why!  I think it is probably because most people see maintenance as a cost. The reality is that it is a much bigger expense to repair your system.  Maintenance is the cheaper option,  by far.

We get calls every week from people who neglect maintenance and then require expensive repairs, landscaping costs, and the inconvenience of not having a properly working system. So, do yourself a favour this year and save some money and headache,  have your system maintained by the professionals at Ace Bobcat!