Often when a  prospective buyer for a home is in the negotiations to purchase a house the homeowners will say,  ” I had it pumped a couple of years ago, everything is fine.” It may be true that it was pumped a few years ago,  but that does not mean “everything is fine.”  Having a tank pumped is great,  but that is the least of your worries when purchasing a septic system with your house. Gravity systems require proper filter maintenance,  or possibly even adding a filter if there isn’t one!

Knowing if the transport pipes are clear,  adjusting your distribution box,  having your laterals clear of roots and debris. Seeing if your field has high levels of bi-omat or signs of spot loading.  These are the important indicators of a system’s health,  not just “I had it pumped a few years ago.”  For pressure systems there are even more components to assess the system your buying…  )pumps, filters, transducers or floats, control panels, data logging, line clearing, pressure testing, solenoids, ball valves, etc….  SO do yourself a HUGE favour… if you are buying a house, get a proper septic inspection from a professional and KNOW what you are buying.