Septic Maintenance, Inspections, Repairs, Emergency Service Calls

All our service work is completed by experienced technicians and Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioners.

Technician Labour Rate – $80/hr/per technician (includes all equipment)

ROWP Reporting Rate – $85/hr/technician (Compliance, inspection, maintenance reporting)


Excavators, Bobcat & Digging Equipment

Prices do not include transport, low bedding and permit fees. All machines have a 4 hour minimum charge.

SLV90 – $95/hr

Kubota u17 – $95/hr

Kubota U35 – $110/hr

Kubota 80 – $120/hr

Linkbelt 165 – $130/hr

Hitatchi 225 – $160/hr


Dump Trucks & Slinger Trucks

All trucking is billed at a 2 hour minimum.

Single Axle Dump Truck – $85/hr

Full Sized Dump Truck – $110/hr

Slinger Truck – $140/hr


Additional Equipment

Kubota Track Dumper – Technician Rate @ $80/hr + $200/day Rental

More Coming Soon!