There are mainly 3 weather events that can affect your system:

  1. Extreme Cold:  Cold winter weather can make it difficult for the bacteria in your septic tank to survive.   The bacteria found in your tank digests and breaks down the raw sewage.  When it is too cold the bacteria can’t do their job effectively and you will get more “undigested waste” finding it’s way to the bottom of your tank and causing build up of sludge.   If you have longer extended periods of extreme cold weather then you should consider having your sludge levels measured and possibly having your tank pumped more frequently.
  2. Heavy Rainfall:   thankfully on the island we don’t have to work too much about the “Extreme Cold”, but we definitely have heavy rain fall from time to time.  When this happens it can flood your drainfield which will make it harder for the effluent coming from your tank to drain.   This can cause back ups and flooding inside your home.    If this happens your tank will require a pump out immediately.   The best way to avoid this problem is to have your system maintained regularly,  (at least once a year).    This will help keep your field in good shape by removing blockages, equalizing flows,  and keeping the soils around your lateral lines from building up with bio mat.    The better your soils can perk and drain water the less chance for flooding.
  3. Wind Storms:   this is a weather event that you would not think would affect things,  but we have had the phone ringing from this past years wind storms.  Tank lids have been smashed, control panels hit, field laterals have been damaged as large trees and limbs have fallen on fields, etc…

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