From time to time it happens that our client’s bill is higher then they anticipated… We try to do our best to be as accurate as we can when we give estimates and try to give a range of normal costs for our services.   Every once in awhile the actual bill is higher than we anticipated and here are the common reasons:

  1.  Extra Work:   When we are going to do septic maintenance there are normal steps that we take for the different systems we work on,  (measuring levels, testing control panels and pumps, monitoring flows, adjusting d box, camera lines). But sometimes when we come to a new site we find that the tank access is not at the surface and buried very deep.  When we have to start digging down more than a couple of feet to access tanks then we charge extra for the time that is required to access the tank.  Your tanks should be accessible for maintenance and for repairs if needed.
  2. Repairs:  If repairs are required we do not start the repair work unless we have permission from the homeowners.  If the homeowners are on-site at the time of the maintenance or inspection and would like to save some money by having us do the repair at the same time, and if we have the right equipment to do so,  then we will often do the repairs at that time.  There are additional costs however as these are repairs and not just maintenance or inspection work.
  3. Un for seen:  Sometimes when we come to a site there are objects underground that we are simply not aware of until we begin digging. We have brush piles, stumps, heavy rock that requires blasting, boulders. We have seen septic tanks buried WAY too deep and field lines also buried WAY too deep. Sometimes there are underground services such as electrical and gas lines, water lines, irrigation lines, buried and undisclosed to us.
  4. Travel:   We are located in Duncan, and we travel as far as Parksville to the north and Victoria to the south.  We also service many of the smaller islands.  When we travel to the islands we have ferry costs to be added.  When we travel greater distances we charge a little extra to cover our cost in time and fuel.

It is worth noting that it is not very often our costs are higher than our estimates,  but it does happen and when it does it is for the reasons above.  We believe in transparency and we are happy to answer any questions regarding billing.