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Knowledge is power, but when it comes to your septic system, knowledge can also help save you thousands of dollars! Ace Bobcat & Septic Services has answered some frequently asked questions and has prepared several PDF’s that can help you understand what we do and how our services can help you.

A septic inspection means having a certified, knowledgeable person inspect the performance and location of a septic system.  We also locate system boundaries for future development.  This information goes into a report that is submitted alongside an accurate drawing of the system and the location of its components. The report also states how the system has performed up to the date of the report and forecasts future performance based on the system’s anticipated usage.

There are several key reasons to request an inspection, such as:

  • Gain Information before a Home Sale or Purchase
  • Prevent Unexpected, Hazardous, or Expensive Emergencies
  • Find Ways to Improve the System
  • Find a Malfunction within the System
  • Determine Maintenance Needs

Other reasons to request an inspection may include building permit requests, house addition inquiries, and locating components for landscaping purposes.

Like many things, if a septic system isn’t maintained, it will eventually fail. Even on new, state-of-the-art systems, maintenance is required to keep it in proper working order. Some common maintenance tasks include:

  • Inlet & Outlet Checks
  • Tank & Pump Checks
  • Inspect property for we spots/breakout
  • Filter Cleaning/Changes
  • Tank Sludge & Biomat Measurements
  • Electrical Connection Tests
  • Flow Calculation Checks
  • Line & Dispersal Pipe Flushing
  • Effluent Sampling Tests
  • Securing & Fastening Components

After completing maintenance, you will receive a report that details the work completed, system performance, and suggestions for future improvements.


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