In the world of business,  as a manager,  you tend to get calls when people are not happy with something. It seems that no matter what business you are in you will always have a segment of the population that will be negative or critical. When we get these comments we take them seriously and seek to resolve situations as best we can…

Lately, it seems more and more we are getting the opposite kinds of comments,  positive! Great to have clients calling and telling me how “professional”, “hardworking,”  “polite” and “knowledgeable” our techs are.  I know this as a manager, but it is good to hear it from our clients.   As a culture today it seems that negative comments are more common than positive but needless to say they rarely produce the results that people want.

So,  thanks to all those customers out there who take the extra few minutes to offer positive and constructive comments.  These statements are welcomed and our techs appreciate hearing how they are doing as they really do care about their work.  Thanks from ACE!