Since the Coronavirus Pandemic there have many ways our world has changed,  businesses have been impacted,  the restaurant industry, sports, the medical field, travel, and the list goes on… Your Septic System is also being impacted!

Here the following ways:

With self-isolation and more people spending more time at home there is no question that this will put more demand on your septic system. More food is being prepared at home, people are doing more dishes than usual and obviously using their bathrooms more.

People are also more likely to do more laundry,  (towels, clothes, linens, etc..) especially if people are self-isolating and others are coming and going in the same household. The extra water usage, waste, and food waste can put a lot of stress on your system.

ALSO:   In an effort to keep the spread of the virus down many people are using more disinfectants, bleaches, and disinfecting wipes. The chemicals in these products will harm the microbiology found in your septic tank.   So please limit your uses of these products. Put the wipes in the trash and look for septic friendly products for cleaners.

So,  do your part, the last thing you want is to have problems with your septic right now. One of the best things you can do is to have your septic system maintained by the professionals with Ace Bobcat.  Ace will keep your system operating properly and allow you to avoid the expenses and the headaches of problems with your system. Contact us today!